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Southeastern practitioners’ partner with local physicians to successfully treat scoliosis patients. A team approach is imperative for successful outcomes. Radiographs are closely studied to determine the most effective orthosis design. Specific diagnosis and clinical presentation drive the design process. Patients follow up with their referring physician one month post brace fitting for in-brace radiographs to have correction evaluated.

The simple premise of scoliosis treatment is to stop progression. Curves are generally monitored every 6 months until skeletal maturity of the patient. Southeastern practitioners have advanced training on several brace types including Boston and Charleston Bending. We have a proven track record of significant curve reductions often over 50% significantly lowering the likelihood of progression. We also have a track record of good compliance because we closely work with parents, patients and physicians to ensure comfort, compliance and successful treatment outcomes.

The Right Orthotics for You

Our pediatric orthotics team is certified and trained to locate each child’s spinal needs. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and a team to support and encourage each to child to their full potential.


We evaluate your current situations to determine best course of action resulting in the right solution for you.


We design and craft your custom solution to create the right outcome for you.

Adjust and Correct

We help you adjust to your new solution to create the best outcome possible for you.

Follow Up With You

Ongoing scheduled appointments that work for you to continue the assessment of your unique solution for your continued best quality of life.

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