Limb Loss Awareness Month

Southeastern Orthotics and Prosthetics

From the beginning, Restorative Health Services Group (RHSG) president and owner, Aaron Sorensen, CPO, has been committed to keeping Southeastern as a privately held Tennessee company. Since 1963 Southeastern O & P has been providing Chattanooga and surrounding areas with quality health care. Not only is Aaron the owner, he is also a clinician who sees and treats a full case-load of patients every day. Not being owned by a venture capitalist, private equity firm or being a publicly traded company means we do not answer to shareholders or financial drivers which would result in making our main focus to maximize corporate profits. This allows us latitude that many other Tennessee prosthetic and orthotic companies do not have.

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Our Vision

Changing the narrative of healthcare by placing the patient-first in every decision we make.

Our Mission

Setting the bar for the delivery of physical rehabilitation and patient experience while restoring quality of life.

Our Goals

  • Patients’ Quality of Life
  • Focused on Patients’ Outcome
  • Patients’ Experience
  • Proper Application of Technology

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